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Awsam sourcing process is a structured to realize maximum value from sourcing activity for your projects. We understand client demand, assess supply market and develop sourcing strategy, select best supplier for the client and its requirements, negotiate best T&Cs for the client, and implement and measure results.

Procuring projects require meticulous evaluation of each stage of the procurement process:

Capture the specific business requirements (quantitative & qualitative) that the purchased goods/services have to comply to.

Identify, evaluate and short-list supplier candidates in order to create a true competitive environment to best source each spend category.

Through sourcing strategy we capture the full value potential of the saving opportunity and engage the supplier community.

RFP is developed and published, quotations are evaluated and form the basis for developing negotiation strategy and tactics, and the procurement team prepares, executes and evaluates negotiations.

The approved negotiation strategy is implemented and suppliers are ranked by expected value to be delivered to client.

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